We want to inspire and excite people. Give us the opportunity to do that!

We want to inspire and excite people. Give us the opportunity to do that!


The Founder of the Zero Emissions Project talks about sports, motivation and project management in his presentations. The educated lawyer and former pro sailor knows how to take everyone with him on his journey!

The Zero Emissions Project wants to awaken enthusiasm for our nature and thus motivate people to protect the environment! Because we are convinced that we protect what we love! 

Because of that our projects also have the goal of reaching as many people as possible. We like to bring thrilling pictures and fascinating video clips showing our extreme tours. We even prefer to have you be part of the experience to catch your interest.

We offer presentations regarding climate change and specifically about our Greenland SUP tour. Michael Walther talks about the planning, challenges, and those moments where he just wanted to pack up and head home. He intertwines the topic of climate change with his personal motivations.  The recurring question is “how do you motivate yourself to make the next paddle stroke?

If you are looking for an interesting evening-filling presentation in your company, your association, or your school class, please send us a message. We can gladly gear the length and focus towards your individual needs.

For school classes, youth groups and non-profit organizations we offer this service free of charge, because it is our mission to spread the word.



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